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About Chiropractic

Chiropractic begins with asking the question, “Why are you having your pain or symptoms?”

When these causes are found and corrected through natural, gentle, guided, chiropractic means, the body can repair itself and maintain more optimum health.

Our offices use state-of-the-art methods in diagnosing and correcting the reasons for health disruptions.

When spinal and joint misalignments are the cause of your problem, and they often are, nothing will make the problem go away and stay away like proper chiropractic care.

“I had lower back pain that would make me sweat just standing. I couldn’t stand for more than 3 minutes without pain! I also had a lot of neck pain, and my right leg was three s of an inch longer than my left leg. My legs are now equal, and I can stand for an hour without pain.”

~Jim S. –Fairbury, IL

What is Different About the Chiropractic Offered in our Offices?

We are dedicated to bringing the very best chiropractic has to offer to the people of central Illinois and beyond.  We have two primary techniques that we use.  Here’s the good news-

both of our immensely successful techniques utilize low force, guided, gentle, instruments to make the corrections.  

The speed with which these instruments perform, allows us to use much less force.  No more twisting, popping, or cracking!!  But most importantly, more precision.  This also allows us to help patients of absolutely any age.  The two techniques work so perfectly together to leave no stone unturned.

If you’re over a certain age, you know the man pictured above.  You probably also remember the tragic accident that occurred while he was engaged in horse jumping.  Christopher Reeve unfortunately fell off his horse and landed directly on his head.  All the world looked on in horror as Superman could not move his legs or arms from that moment on.   

If you think about it, it is strange. Why did he go from being Superman-strong in his legs to not being able to use them anymore by falling and injuring his neck?  If you remember, when Christopher Reeve would come on TV to talk about the ordeal, he was on a ventilator to breathe.  Wait, did he hurt his lungs too?  No, unfortunately he had injured the one area in his body that contains the control center for everything in his body- his upper cervical spine.  The very first thing we will do with a patient is to investigate this same area to make sure that it is properly aligned.  We have stopped predicting the many things that can improve (many times rapidly) just by correcting the very top vertebra in your spine.  

Atlas Orthogonal

Of course, we do this in a very guided and gentle way with a technique called Atlas Orthogonal.  The atlas vertebra is the very top bone in your neck and it is the “Christopher Reeve” spot.  Orthogonal simply means “with right angles”.  The top vertebra needs to sit perfectly level so that your head can rest on top of it and also be level.  Then, your head should be lined up vertically with the rest of your spine in a straight line.  The two lines (the level atlas line and the straight line representing your head and neck) should form a perfect crosshairs with right angles.  Our job is to assess you and make sure we have that for starters.  As we said, that is a complete game changer. 

Activator Methods

After correcting the atlas there could certainly be other bones and joints misaligned.  Any bone in your body could be misaligned causing what is called a subluxation.  This is a big word that means damaged joints that are affecting your nervous system.  This of course could cause pain, but did you know of all of your nerves, only 10% are pain nerves!!  So many other sensations than just pain, but also most of your nerves are controlling your organs and your health.  

Depending on the location of a spinal subluxation (damaged joint), there are associated nerves in that location that are responsible for the operation of organs.  For example, the low back has most of the nerves for your bowel and bladder.  We don’t want you suffering with pain in the low back and down the leg, but who wants to sign up for bowel and bladder issues later in life.  Let us help.  Activator Methods is a comprehensive method of 1.  finding out exactly where in your body needs a correction and 2.  correcting the misalignments with a spring-loaded instrument that moves 1000 faster than our Docs can move.  This again ensures a comfortable experience for you but with fantastic results.

There is a great chance that using these two gentle, precise applications of chiropractic technology can result in lasting correction for you by finding what is causing your problem and then making a lasting correction.  We don’t want to fix it for a little while, just to have it come back again.  We make lasting corrections that shield you from your body breaking down over time.  After that, it is very easy to maintain.  

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