Health’s #1 Enemy – Sugar

Health’s #1 Enemy – Sugar

I practice something called Nutrition Response Testing© in my offices in Farmer City and Gibson City.  This system helps me address the reasons why more and more people are struggling with their health these days and why the usual treatments are sometimes not as effective as they used to be.  It is a very focused and detailed way to test people and discover any toxicities and/or nutritional deficiencies that exist.

As one of my patients put it, “let’s make sure we’re scratching where there’s an itch.”  This system has been responsible for some amazing health transformations in our offices.

For Nutrition Response Testing© to work, however, dietary changes must be made at the same time.  We walk our patients through a one-step-at-a-time approach to proper eating that makes it much easier for people to figure out what they should be eating and to easily follow a proper program of eating.  Going one step at a time is what makes it easy.  In every case, we start with the reduction and elimination of one food first.  It is the #1 enemy of health on planet earth.


We can demonstrate via testing, that we cannot win with our program of detoxification and nutrition if the patient continues to eat sugar.  It must be reduced to move the needle in the positive direction.

Viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus are simple little organisms.  If we want to grow these microorganisms in the lab, all we have to do is put some glucose (sugar) in a petri dish and voila.

These pathogens and destroyers of health cannot live without sugar.  Many times, sugar cravings are due to an overgrowth of fungus in your digestive tract, and it is a call from these unwanted bugs to feed them more sugar.

In your health journey, you must address sugar and I want you to think of the consumption of sugar as one thing:  Feeding the bugs.  This concept works very well with children.  Ask them if they want to feed tiny bugs inside their bodies.

There is also something else that cannot live without sugar.  Cancer.  Have you ever heard of a PET scan for cancer.  Hopefully you haven’t.  A PET scan is a test that introduces radioactively tagged sugar into your body.  When the sugar is taken up in areas where it is not supposed to be, that tells the doctors the location of the tumors.  It’s sugar that feeds the cancer.

Cancer and bugs cannot live without sugar, but you can.  You may have heard the term essential fatty acids before.  These are healthy fats that are essential for proper function of your body but that your body cannot make on its own.  That means that you must consume these fats in your diet or supplement with them to be healthy.

There are also essential amino acids.  These are very similar in that your body cannot produce them and you must consume them except essential amino acids are proteins.  So, there are proteins and fats that you must have because your body can’t make them, and you must eat them.

Have you ever heard of an essential carbohydrate?  You have not, because there aren’t any.  You could go your entire life without carbohydrates.  Sugar is a carbohydrate.  It is not essential to the body, and it does not feed your body.

That is why people can just keep eating and eating carbohydrate foods to no end.  The reason is that it is not food for the body and your body never has an off switch to let you know that you’ve gotten enough food.

Try sitting down with a one-pound block of cheese and eat the whole thing.  Although you might like to give that a try, you would soon find that you felt full and no longer had an interest in eating that much.  That is because you have fed your body and your brain tells you that you’ve had enough.  That does not happen with sweets and carbohydrate dominated foods.  Only a very rich desert would have that effect because it would likely contain a high amount of fats that your body actually needs.

If you are reading this because you are interested in improving your health, the best advice I can give you is to begin your health journey by understanding the role sugar plays in health and sickness and to work to avoid it.  Those who have will tell you that this simple change has more impact than they could have imagined.

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