woman having migraine headache.

There is nothing worse than a getting a surprise headache   while at a special event. Unfortunately, there are so many   things that could trigger one that it happens all the time.   From new foods and smells, to loud music and alcohol,   headaches affect us all differently.

Since almost 44% of people who have migraines can be   triggered by perfume, it makes special events a potential landmine. Other common causes of headaches at a special events include loud music, alcohol and dehydration and can play an equal role in headaches as the event goes on, and into the next day.

So in light of wedding season, I want to make sure to arm you will tips for not only relieving headaches but preventing them as well. 

7 Tips to Treat a Surprise Headache

Tip #1: Drink water.
It’s so easy at events to drink alcohol or sweet drinks like soda, which will dehydrate you quickly, especially if the events are outside. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and try alternating water and another beverage throughout the event. 

Tip #2: Ice down.
Grab some ice from the bartender or caterer and apply it to your head. If you don’t want to ruin your hair or makeup, try it on the back of your neck. 

Tip #3: Spice it Up.
Try some grated ginger in hot water or a prepackaged ginger tea to help reduce inflammation. Ginger may be hard to find out, so consider popping a tea bag in your purse or keeping one in the car.

Tip #4: Inhale slowly.
Inhaling essential oils like lavender or peppermint is an alternative way of alleviating headaches. If you don’t have your own oils, they are, and there will always be someone around with some.

TIp #5: Take a walk.
Take a quick walk around the block, releasing endorphins to naturally combat a headache and give yourself a break from the loud music. 

Tip #6: Eat something. 
Two options for food to help with headaches include pumpkin seeds, which are high in magnesium and spicy foods. Studies have shown both magnesium and capsaicin can relieve headaches. 

Tip #7: Massage it out.
A neck or shoulder massage may help relieve a tension headache. Bonus if this can be done in a cool, dark, quiet place.

While being prepared to treat a sudden headache is great, there are also a few things you can do to help prevent them from ever starting. Because let’s face it, once it starts it can pretty well ruin your evening, even if you have remedies in place. (And no one has time for that!) 

Below are just a few ways you can help stop them before they start:

Learn your triggers. If you get headaches often, you start to figure out what causes them. Be it lack of caffeine, dehydration, foods, or smells; if you can figure out what it is and avoid it, you’ll be much happier.

Quit smoking. Smoke and even second-hand smoke can cause headaches. Avoid both if at all possible. 

Stay well aligned. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the number of tension headaches and keep your body healthy.

Preventing headaches is different than treating them, but if you get headaches frequently, chiropractic care can help. Call one of our offices today to make an appointment

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