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When people experience pain, such as neck or back pain, they would typically see a doctor for a medical check-up. After diagnosis, the doctor may recommend pharmaceutical drugs to manage the symptoms, or surgery to repair or get rid of the problematic tissue. While both treatments provide pain relief, they can be costly, and they often resolve only the surface problem – not the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Instead of relying on medications or surgery, chiropractic care is a good alternative. If you’re looking for a reliable chiropractor in central Illinois, don’t hesitate to call either True Health Partners office. We offer chiropractic and nutrition services to address underlying problems in your body. It not only relieves the pain you’re feeling but also optimizes and maintains your wellness.

When you turn to us for care, our practitioners will assess the condition of your spine along with the other parts of the body that may require correction or alignment. Based on the results of our assessment, we will create a plan tailored to your unique needs and condition. The personalized care we provide enhances your body’s alignment and natural healing processes.

For chiropractic care, we utilize low-force instrument adjusting techniques called Atlas Orthogonal and Activator methods. These gentle and amazingly accurate techniques are the state of the art in chiropractic and involve additional training above and beyond the 9 years of college that it takes to become a chiropractor. You’ll often hear our patients say, “No, you need to go see my Doctor.”

The Many Advantages of Chiropractic Care

Strengthened Immune System

Given that your nervous system controls the cells, tissues, and organs of your body, a misalignment can minimize the ability of your immune system to fight off most viruses and bacteria. Chiropractors remove the subluxations (partial or incomplete dislocations) that prevent your nervous system from functioning correctly.

Improved Sleep

Regular chiropractic care takes care of sleep-related issues caused by body aches, stress, and pain. It also helps improve the quality of your sleep and allows you to obtain the rest you need every night.​

Brighter Mood

Chiropractic adjustments balance your body’s chemistry. It means that people who have depression, ADHD, or other mood-affecting conditions can benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments.