upcoming workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn how your body works, what makes it sick, what things need to be done to heal it naturally, without using invasive techniques and much more!

Natural healing workshops are free to attend and you can always bring a friend or a family member you feel would benefit from attending.

Our presenters are highly qualified on the topics they cover and you can always feel free to ask questions related to your health or family member issues. In fact, we encourage you to ask us!

Call any of our two offices below and tell them you want to reserve a seat. 

farmer city
(309) 928-2222

gibson city
(217) 727-1091

 farmer city Chiropractic Workshops

The Bones and Beyond – The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Tuesday, September 25th @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, October 9th @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, October 23rd @ 6:30 PM

farmer city Nutrition Response Testing Workshops

Digestive Health – Tummy Troubles? (Topics include Heartburn, Reflux, Bloating & Cramps)

Tuesday, October 2nd @ 6:30 PM – 

“I Would Do ANYTHING for ________!” Cravings – What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Tuesday, October 16th @ 6:30 PM

Special Topic – Arthritis

Join the Staff at Farmer City Chiropractic as they share their Chiropractic & Nutritional expertise on Arthritis!

Is Arthritis Inevitable? What Can I Do If I Already Have It?

Tuesday, October 30th @ 6:30 PM

gibson city Nutrition Response Testing Workshops

How To Boost Your Immunity.  Are you always getting sick?  (Topics include flu, viruses, bacteria, parasites)

Thursday, September 27th  @ 6:30 PM

Sinus and Allergy

Thursday, October 11th @ 6:30 PM

Stress & Fatigue – Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Need Some Motivation, Tips & Tricks to Do Something About It? Join Us!

Thursday, October 25th @ 6:30 PM